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One of the most common causes of foot pain is plantar fasciitis. When this condition exists, it’s most commonly caused by tight or injured tendons. Tightness in the plantar fascia happens when it’s stretched beyond its normal range of flexibility. In this case, it becomes inflamed and results in painful inflammation, extreme soreness, and bone deterioration.

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It is important to identify and address every possible reason for foot drop. If you have an impairment that affects your ability to walk or ambulate adequately, you should immediately consult a specialist about your condition.A professional occupational therapist will take into consideration your current medical condition.

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The condition can also be aggravated by the accumulation of excessive stress in the foot due to abnormal gait, uneven walking, or over-utilization. AFO foot drop braces and custom braces are available in the market for alleviating this condition. A good custom brace will help prevent loss of motion and pain, while preventing bone deterioration.